Bryson Kai Neilson

Bryson was born Jan. 26th 2009.
He weighed an amazing 8lbs 5ozs
and he was 20 1/2 inches tall.
He is beautiful and we are so happy to have him here. He is such a fun baby, he pulls all kinds of funny faces. He started smiling at 3 weeks, it is so precious. he gives us a few more smiles each day. His big sister love him so much, Peyton cant kiss him enough and kylie loves to hold him. As for me, i am enjoying being home and spending every minute with him. i hold him and love him all day and then daddy gets a turn when he gets home. We love him so much and all of our family and friends. thank you to all of you for all of your love and support we greatly appreciate it.

Kylies after school passtime!

Everyday after school Kylie and her friends climb this tree that is at the bus stop and each day they see if they can go a little bit higher than they went the day before, soon there won't be any higher they can go, they are getting pretty good!

Happy Birthday Kylie & Haylie

On Saturday we had a little party for these two crazy girls at Grandama Moodys house. Kylies birthday was Nov. 23rd and Haylies was Nov. 28th. so we let them celebrate together - they are a couple of goofy nerds sometimes, especially when its all about them!! we love ya girls ;)

Kylies Thanksgiving program

Today at school the first grade did a cute little Thanksgiving program, all the kids made turkey, indian and pilgram hats, they all did so good. -This is Kylie with her teacher Mrs. Gardner.